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Pegasus Climb - e-bike vs XC

In this, part 4 of our epic trail test of the 2023 Polygon Siskiu T7E e-MTB, we take on two somewhat fit XC mountain bikers from Rockhampton Mountain Bike Club in unplanned combat to the top of the twisty Pegasus climb.

True, the odds were stacked against the e-bike. With trail bike geometry closer to enduro than cross-country, the tightly twisting 1.6% gradient is definitely more suited to a nimble XC rig. And these boys are quick.

So there you have it. The latest, fastest, gruntiest edition of the awesome Shimano e-bike motor, the EP801, versus two dang fast riders on analogue bikes.

Despite the Polygon's tractor-like physique, she performs well. True, the T7E didn't get to REALLY stretch its legs with all those bends, gullies, and super-tight switchbacks, but we set a cracking pace and had an awesomely huge amount of fun.

So join us now for ten minutes of unbridled adventure on the brilliant new Pegasus green trail climb at First Turkey Mountain Bike Park in sunny Rockhampton, Central Queensland, AU.


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Have a brilliant day,
Andrew Thompson.

Andrew Thompson, Reef Studios Rockhampton