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Mountain Bike Beginner Skills Clinics are aimed at riders who are new to the sport. The purpose of the clinic is to teach you the core basic skills that you'll need to get out and explore the local trails with confidence.

Clinics are designed around mountain biking, but even if you are a road cyclist, you will gain some valuable tips and skills that translate to any form of cycling.

Below, you will find full details, prices, and FAQ. If you have any questions or to book a session, call me on 4926 7778 or 0422 276 202. If you like, you can also check out our sponsor, Reef Studios, Rockhampton.

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Andrew Thompson.

Andrew Thompson, Reef Studios Rockhampton

F.A.Q. ~ Rockhampton MTB Beginner Skills

How long does the MTB Beginner Skills Clinic take?

Depending on the number of participants, the clinic takes 2 to 3 hours. If we hold a social ride immediately after, allow another 2 hours.

I came here from the Cycle CQ site. What's the connection?

Cycle CQ is a social platform that helps promote cycling in Central Queensland. It's a side project I'm passionate about, and is wholly funded by Reef Studios.

By holding these skills clinics through Reef, I'm able to overlap work and play. It also helps me further the main goal of Cycle CQ, which is to get more people riding bikes.

You can follow Cycle CQ on Facebook or join us on the Strava fitness app.

How old do I have to be to attend a beginner skills clinic?

Sessions are open to all ages with no upper limit. Children under 12 must have a parent or guardian in attendance.

What will I learn in the Mountain Bike Beginner Skills Clinic?

We'll cover lots of key skills and safety checks. First I'll explain and demonstrate, and then you'll have a go.

You won't be standing around trying not to fall asleep while I prattle on. You'll be riding. There's lots of repetition and you'll definitely have fun, as each new skill becomes second nature.

We'll take our time. There's no peer pressure. If you want to keep practicing a particular aspect before we move on, we can do that. Just let me know.

Here is the course outline with approximate times for each component.

Are you qualified to provide mountain bike training?

I am a Foundation Instructor for mountain biking, accredited by AusCycling, the Australian sports body for cycling. I am also a Regional Commissaire for MTB races, hold current First Aid and Working With Children card.

Prior to the pandemic, I helped run beginner training and social rides for Rockhampton Mountain Bike Club and am still an active member.

Is the clinic 1-on-1 or a group?

Both. When I advertise an upcoming clinic, it will be group format. The ideal number of attendees is 4 to 6 people.

However, some people might want individual coaching or a clinic just for themselves and a few friends or family members. That's no problem. Give us a call and we'll find a suitable day and time.

Do I need to sign an injury and damage waiver?

Yes. Mountain biking can be a dangerous sport. You may very well fall off your bike at the skills clinic, or in three months time when you're riding the trails.

That said, most accidents occur due to lack of confidence or attempting something beyond your skillset. I will not insist that you try anything outside your comfort level. You are free to say no to any activity.

The purpose of the clinic is to develop your knowledge and confidence, to provide you with sufficient skills to minimise the risk of injury, and to help you identify risks in advance.

Where are the clinics held?

Group training takes place in the grassed area behind Reef Studios in Musgrave Street.

The space is ideal because there's a nice mix of grass, gravel, and natural features in a relatively small area, while still having the facilities of the shop close by.

Also being private land, I'm able to prepare and control the learning environment which is difficult in a public park.

If we hold a social ride afterwards to try out your new skills, we'll head over to First Turkey MTB Park in Norman Gardens.

It's a five minute drive or a very cool 18 minute bike ride through the back streets and parks that line Moore's Creek - whichever the group prefers.

We'll then head around some of the popular green beginner trails so you can practice what you've learnt. This time also gives everyone a chance to know each other socially and maybe even make some new cycling buds.

Everyone loves the social ride afterward - It's the perfect finish to the day.

What do I need to bring?

You will need a mechanically sound bike, helmet, water bottle, and a snack in case you get hungry. You must wear closed shoes. We will be outdoors so don't forget sunscreen and a hat.

There is ample parking out front of the shop.

While not required, I would definitely recommend membership of AusCycling for the insurance benefits should you take a tumble. If you are asked to nominate a club, please select Rocky MTB as thanks for all the hard work the volunteers constantly put in at the First Turkey trail network.

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