Your Local Bike Trails and Tracks in Central Queensland

Montage of different cycling facilities in Central Queensland.

For a town to enjoy a strong cycling culture, lobbying for and maintaining good local infrastructure is vital. If managed effectively by both cycling clubs and local government, it allows cycling in all its forms to be a part of everyday culture for the masses, rather than seeming an elitist hobby for the few. Acceptance of cyclists means less stigma and harrassment, and so on.

For those of us in the larger cities, we have a definite advantage in regard to a higher population from which to draw volunteers and club members. It follows that our local city councils also enjoy correspondingly higher revenue and are more likely to help fund or support cycling projects.

You can see these facts borne out in the list of cycling venues listed below. Rockhampton, Gladstone, Mackay, Bundaberg - The cycling community always has 'things going on'. A feeling of ongoing advancement is constant.

Smaller regions are generally not so fortunate. BMX usually has a good presence in small towns, and there's often a pump track for kids to use, but after childhood, the pickings can be slim. Roadies have no choice but to brave the open road, and mountain bikers, if fortunate enough, might find some council, mines, or crown land to play on while said authority turns a blind eye.

So, why all this preamble? Well, I just wanted to explain the nature of the following list of facilities. For the reasons I just mentioned, not every group wants their venues to be public knowledge. If people start travelling from far and wide, that unofficial trail might suddenly have blocked access.

Equally though, if your club or group has venues that are accessible to cyclists and you want them listed below, please send me the details and I will happily include it. Also, if your club needs help loading your trails on OpenStreetMap, just yell out - Happy to help.



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